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Help finding some Stargate fic, please?

Hi! I'm sorry to bother y'all, but I'm looking for a particular type of Stargate fic to read, and I thought that somebody here might be able to help me, since this is a community of Stargate lovers. Basically, I'm fascinated by this whole ascension/decension thing, and I'm looking for some more good fic to read that deals directly with it. I'm a very detail-oriented type of person, and I'm looking for long, involved fics that try to deal with all aspects of Daniel's ascensions and decensions back to mortality. And I don't just mean what all goes on while he's "gone" either. I mean fics that look at the what he was doing, what he was learning, what he was capable of, during the time when he was ascended. Has anybody written any fics that you know of that look at the process of ascending/descending - what it felt like, how he dealt with it, etc. - in any real detail? Because I'm simply dying to find some fic that deals more with Daniel's end of the process. I've seen lots of fic that deals with how the others tried to deal with Daniel's absence, but very few fics that deal with how Daniel took the whole process of ascending, what it felt like and how he dealt with it (all that knowledge/power), etc. I thought I read something that dealt more closely with Daniel's powers/knowledge while he was ascended the first time somewhere or another, but now I can't find it. And honestly, I'd like to find some more fic that similar to read now, too. It doesn't have to follow canon strictly, if you know of some fic that might fit the bill. In fact, I'm be just as happy to read something that doesn't follow canon exactly, so long as it deals with Daniel as an ascended being. So if anyone knows of anything that sounds like this, could you please, please, please pass it along to me? I would be forever grateful!!!!! Thanks so much, y'all!
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