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hey , ive just stubled across this community and well im a very big lover of stargate , even met some of the cast from gary jones- who plays davies to alexis cruz and corin nemec - which was well cool

ive liked stargate right from the word go , i saw the series before i saw the film. Fav characters are daniel jackson - hmmmmm geeky archaeologist , corin nemec and i like the rest of the crew, im very geeky as im signed to a website where im known as Captain Gallielo figoro, and get to earn points for promotions.

I have tried to write fanfic, im not a lover of the sam and jack stuff, more of daniel and sam, but my friend says its daniel and jackk all the way (dont quite agree on that)

theres a coupld of conventions in london or near, that have the cast of stargate and stargate atlantis, don s davis is gonna be at one.

all the best to you all

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